Who is Baron Emmerich von Flughafen?


Baron Emmerich von Flughafen formerly known as Diego Fortunato, is an artist and designer known for his ability to alter our perception and pleasure of both space and reality.

During low ski season in St Moritz he spotted a tiny stone and moved it approximately 1 inch having a revelation: “I’ve transformed the landscape”.He has been a conceptual artist ever since.


Born in Buenos Aires into a family of scientists. He was briefly educated at the La Salle Institute, from where he was expelled at the age of fourteen. Not having studied either at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism nor the National Fine Arts School, he nonetheless exhibited - and sold - his irrational designs at the Ruth Benzacar gallery.

He eventually escaped from Argentina to Europe, where small numbers of his earliest designs evolved into the opposite concept: massive productions devoted to improving everyone’s environment if you believe in that sort of thing.