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“Am I here...? / SAY YES, Absolute Power Spray”


Artist Diego Fortunato presented his intriguing installation at Christie’s Lates London on Monday 11 February 2019.

There was something startling about the perception of the room, the walls had been manipulated to enable us to feel a space existing beyond the actual limits of Christie’s. (And we all know there’s much more happening out there than we can actually see…)

This was a perfect setting to introduce SAY YES, Absolute Power Spray

If simply spraying the person in front of you with this device we know we will get an unconditional YES to any proposition asked, then it follows that there would be no more conflicts of any kind on Earth. Just everlasting happiness…?
The centre piece of the installation asked the question:

“What would you do with Absolute Power?

This leads us to the question of whether it is appropriate or even useful for us to be able to make our own decisions.
“If you look at history and even within your own personal life you’ll swiftly find the answer” says Diego.

It was also a powerful statement on the global landscape of contemporary politics dominated by ´Fake News’, and the way we’re losing little by little our ability to decide. We’re getting invasively controlled to the extreme.

About Diego Fortunato

Diego Fortunato is an artist and designer known for his ability to alter our perception and pleasure of both space and reality. During low ski season in St Moritz he spotted a tiny stone and moved it 1.2 inches, having a revelation:
“I’ve transformed the landscape”
He has been a conceptual artist ever since.

Wallpaper ©Diego Fortunato

Say Yes Absolute Power Spray ©Diego Fortunato

Photography ©Christie’s